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About the Gig Referral System

What is the Gig Referral System?

The ASU School of Music in the Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts is known for providing exceptional musicians for performing at local events and occasions. The School of Music hosts the Gig Referral System and maintains a gig database submitted by the community. The referral system is a valuable music resource for the community and a significant source of income for our students.

How does the Gig Referral System work?

The Gig Referral System is a place where ASU and local community members can submit their events so students can easily search active opportunities to locate gigs that interest them. As a community member, you may receive emails from several interested students. You have the opportunity to choose the musician who best suits your needs.

Who are the musicians performing through the System?

All musicians using our service are current students of the ASU School of Music. The ASU School of Music is one of the top music schools in the nation and all of our student musicians are of professional caliber. All students registered with our service have reviewed gig etiquette training with our school.

How much do students charge?

Students and ensembles determine their own fees, which are negotiated between the community member and the musicians. Fees depend upon length of time, type of service and number of musicians involved. The starting rate for a musician ranges from $100-$150/hour per musician (based on the Musicians' Union rate in Phoenix). Please note that our musicians charge standard professional rates and 100% of the musician fees goes to the students, our school does not receive any funds.

How will I be contacted?

If students are interested in your event posting, they will contact you directly to learn more details or to confirm the booking.

What if I hear from multiple students?

If you hear from multiple students, feel free to select the student that is best suited for your event. Once you have selected the musician for your event, please remove your event posting from the system.

What if I do not hear from any students?

If you do not hear from students in a reasonable amount of time, you may contact our office at to discuss your posting. Please keep in mind that this is a referral service only, not a contracting service, and we are not able to guarantee availability of musicians. Some common reasons you may not hear from students include lack of student scheduling availability, low pay offered or especially long travel requirements.

What kind of instruments do you have available?

The School of Music trains musicians in classical and jazz genres, as well as world music, rock/pop, and gospel. Many of our students also have professional skills in various music styles and instruments outside of our music programs. On the page where you submit your posting, there are several instrument options to choose from. If you are looking for a specific instrument not listed, please list that instrument in the “other” section AND in the event description.

I have a question not listed here...

Please contact the Community Engagement Office at or 480-965-3371.